Pal Non (neohippie23) wrote,
Pal Non

Time tries, we all do

Spinning glass threads to support
to stick. appalled at language dressing craven thoughts
and worse personalities crutching
on individuality limping forward awkwardly,
no sympathy
for those so lame. The glass though spinning,
spinning, the glass. shards and threads threads
and weaves and shards and
prisms and rainbows and
distortion and magnification and spinning.
And the blood because where is there not the blood the trails the sights the ugly stain the stains that darker and darker expand and grow and shrink and darken.
but still fetid and fecund pools of life of life from force
force from pressure pressure from force and pushing on
and off, off overlying undergone in digression myriad excuses
lapped and lapping and lapping
and eventually the tongue lolling familiar shapes
familiar phrases straight out how to say to say
pendulistic happenstance feel
the arc but miss the torque the vortex which itself misses
everything outside like the vaccuum like the prognosticator prophesy and and
but so pillory keep you upright pillory
sweet pain sweet fucking pain
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