Pal Non (neohippie23) wrote,
Pal Non

The Sneeze of a Peppered Bloodhound

In the hideous sunset of a blushing star, the black cutout of a Christ figure
hugging a red orb,
on the top of a cliff or hill or bluff
or what
have you,
dreamily his eyes.

The certainty of a treadmill turf
under feet just barely (but
there) on the ground,
is slightly reminiscent of a passage
of time.

Slick, wet, confused
dew sits on the grass
It was never
sapped by the weak sun
that stradled its galaxy
like an unsure lover.
Or killer.

The red glanced at the sky,
an unplanned bon mot.
The bottoms of sycophantic clouds mirrored
less intensely the gradual darkening
in which the unknowing sky
was ignorantly complicit
(redundancy sic)
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