Pal Non (neohippie23) wrote,
Pal Non

People talk about rock bottom like there is nothing under rock

I am raw nerves scraping. I don't wince, i blink.
I am responsible. I am fine. I pay my bills. I am fine.
I stay alert. I expect everything that might tear me down
from there i build.

I am tense, strung-out, unbearably constricted.
I am comfortable. I am confident in my decisions.
I pay attention to mirrors, find who's following,
shake them off.

I am a destructive force. I demolish. I level.
I am calm. I pick things up, one at a time.
I follow plans. I am cautious and meticulous,
ruinously ignorant.

Silhouetted by the wind, heavy lid and heavy heel,
Something like myself perpetuates itself in the imprint
of each foot fall.

Sustained by liquid, without form but not without shape,
Something like myself is manifested each moment
my mouth hangs dryly open.

I am shedding. I am sloughing skin invisibly.
I shave. I button my shirt. I maintain eye contact with
Something like myself practicing its expressions
hoping to be true.

Something like myself steadies itself on a stool.
I am disoriented. I am not upright nor aware.
I keep my head raised. I scan the parallel floor
for any sort of exit
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